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Presentation of the Special Transport in the town of Vladimirovac

In connection with the special transport to be passing through the town of Vladimirovac, on November 16, 2017, the WEBG organized the presentation for the citizens of Vladimirovac. The presentation was held at the premises of the” Prvi maj” Elementary School by Mr. Aleksandar Anđić, the WEBG representative. The representatives of the General Electric Co., Messrs. Dušan Ilić and Nemanja Milovanović, as well as Mr. Aleksandar Šotić from the company supervising the construction of Čibuk 1 Wind park, were also present on this meeting.

The residents of Vladimirovac showed the greatest interest for the projects like asphalting the Bratstvo i Jedinstvo Street, the reconstruction of a railway crossing in Vladimirovac and for the security measures to be introduced during the special transport.

The first part of discussion dealt with the reconstruction of the Bratstvo i Jedinstvo St. because the largest number of special vehicles will be passing through it. Its asphalting is planned following the transit of the first part of consignment. After completion of a new asphalt paving, there will follow the reconstruction of the railway crossing at the end of the above- mentioned road, currently in a very bad shape.

To complete the works both on the road and the railway crossing, the traffic will be temporarily closed. This work schedule will not impede travelling of local people because there they have an alternative road via Banatski Karlovac.

The reconstruction of asphalt layer on the above road is very important for the local people as the large part of it is in a very bad shape which obstructs everyday movements of people.

The transport in question will be organized from 8 a.m. to early evening, and the trucks will be shipping the parts of turbines from the Pančevo Port via Vladimirovac to the building site. It is planned to organize two transports a day, in the form of convoy i.e. three trucks in row carrying parts, with a police escort plus an Elektrovojvodina’s vehicle. All vehicles of which the biggest will be trucks loaded with 60m long wind-generators’ propels will move very slowly and fully obeying speed limits and the security measures.

The residents were also invited to team up and assist by removing cars and all other vehicles from the road that might obstruct a free passage of the convoy and also to control the movements of children and pets.

Citizens also wanted to learn more about the special security measures which will be in effect during the special transit through Vladimirovac. All trucks passed special safety checks and their drivers have special permits and are familiar with the procedures and work to be performed. The special transport route will have safety signals and warnings in order to ensure the highest security level. The windfarm site covers 37 square kilometers so it is hardly possible to fully enclose it. Therefore it was especially important to remind once more the citizens how to behave when they plan to pass through the building site.

Before approaching the location on which works are in progress or passing through it, every person should contact the site supervisor in order to ensure that works will be suspended and the secure pass confirmed.

Until the end of 2017 about 80 trucks passed through Vladimirovac and the next transport will continue in March 2018. Besides the special transport, other trucks will be also transporting various equipment and material for the building site.

The residents of Vladimirovac wanted also to know what would will be undertaken in the case that after the road reconstruction there new damages emerge due to the transit of heavy machinery.

The representatives of WEBG and the Contractors promised that every possible damage would be repaired which would permanently solve the problem of currently bad shape of the Bratstvo i Jedinstvo Street.

The last question dealt with time necessary to complete the construction of the Čibuk 1 Wind park. It is foreseen that the completion of all works lasts about 18 months so that the windpark should be completed at the end of September, 2018.

The next presentation dealing with transport is being announced for February 2018, when all residents of Vladimirovac and the surrounding places will get the opportunity to get answers about all that interest them in connection with the forthcoming works and activities during construction of the Čibuk 1 Wind park.