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Open Doors Day in Vladimirovcu, Mramorku and Dolovu

Due to frequent attempts for unauthorized access and attempts of steeling into WTG on CIBUK 1 Project and for raising awareness among local population about hazards and risks of such a behaviour, WEBG conducted Open Doors Day in 3 Local Communities, Vladimirovac, Dolovo and Mramorak.

Presentation covering key safety issues was delivered to the attendees. Participants were informed about the hazards in the case of unauthorized access to the WTG facilities as well as provided information on start of commissioning of the first circuit. Participants were also informed about security surveillance that will be implemented around the wind farm.

 Along with presentation delivery, discussions progressed with valuable feedback and exchanges with the event participants.

Events were led by WEBG team in charge of public relation and communication with the local community, supported by H&S Coordinators During Construction / H&S Supervisors from PMC side.

Complete Open Day report in Vladimirovac, Mramorak and Dolovo could be find here.