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Next phase of the Čibuk 1 presented to the residents of Mramorak

The construction of wind park Čibuk 1 entails a developed network of new roads as well as the reconstruction of existing ones in the area of local communities Mramorak, Dolovo and Vladimirovac. The Continental Wind Serbia and the municipality of Kovin signed a € 3.5 million worth contract, which foresees the construction of about 40 kilometers of roads in the area of Mramorak. This and a lot of other information connected with both the technical and legal aspects of the road constructing and temporary acquisitions of lands were presented to the residents of Mramorak at the meeting with the CWS representatives.

By this presentation organized in Mramorak, CWS has launched the practice that will enable the residents from the places located in the wind park area, to get all relevant information about one of the most important phase of construction.  Construction of a wind park and transportation of large-scale components for it requires new roads. These roads will be left to the residents for their permanent use, regardless if they are reconstructed or the new ones. The wind park entails also a temporary acquisition of land plots on the transit route. As some of lands whose plots have to be occupied belong to private owners, CWS organized three presentations wanting to provide the most relevant information to landowners and all other interested inhabitants about ways and the rates by which lands will be purchased as well as about legal procedure by which land owners would be able to realize their right on compensation.  Actually, the CWS policy is to ensure that all those involved in this land acquisition process, whose land will be purchased during the wind park construction, receive an adequate compensation in compliance with the best international practice.

The residents of Mramorak are informed that it is already known that during a two-year construction mostly small parts of their fields will be occupied and that only for short periods of time.

This presentation also included a range of technical details of construction of temporary bends, the acquisition of plots and their return into the previous state when not required any more. Each landowner present at the premises of the Local Community of Mramorak could see on the slides and graphic maps the plan of construction and also the details related to their own land and plots to be temporary occupied.

The financial side i.e. the issue of compensations for the occupied land plots made a special part of the meeting. Two legal solutions were presented – a direct contract with CWS or the evaluation by a court expert.  On the agenda of this meeting was also the issue dealing with the amount of compensations i.e. the price classes and the terms of payment.

The presentation in Mramorak was held by Aleksandar Anđić and Željko Đuric.

The next meeting will be organized in Dolovo.