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The Čibuk 1 wind park presentation program in February and March

The residents of local communities Dolovo, Mramorak, Bavanište, Banatsko Novo Selo, Vladimirovac, Devojački Bunar and the municipality of Kovin are getting the opportunity to be fully informed about the Čibuk 1 wind park project, which will be constructed on the territories of their communities. The Continental Wind Serbia and the Wind Energy Balkan Group organize several special meetings to be held at the end of February and during March for all interested residents.  The CWS representatives, in a direct and interactive communication, will present all aspects of the further development of the wind park project whose building started several years ago. The organization of new meetings confirms the CWS continuing good practice and concern for the interests of residents and their local communities.

The presentation program covers several sections, from the introductory part dealing with the construction of transport roads to the final part intended for inquiries. Thepresentation is planned as follows:

-          Description of the Čibuk 1 wind park construction with the map of transport roads, the projected construction schedule and the start of works,

-          Detailed results of the Environmental and Social Impacts Study and the planned measures of protection,

-          Planned mechanisms of communication with the interested party before, during and after construction of the wind park,

-          Easy access to the relevant documents,

-          Clear instructions regarding  the accessible mechanisms for complaints in the case of any damage caused to fields and crop or to other private or public property during construction (the complaint receiving officer acting  in the name of WEBG and the mechanism of quick damage reimbursement),

-          Q&A.

After completion of the program, a short film will be shown about the construction of the largest on-shore wind park in Europe.

Upon the end of presentations a small party will be held so as to enable all interested to continue discussion with the CWS and WEBG representatives.

The first presentation will take place at the Local Community Dolovo, on Tuesday, February 24, at 17.00; the next will be held at Mramorak, on February 26, (LC Mramorak); follows Bavanište (House of Culture) on March 3; then the Municipality of Kovin, on March 5; the Banatsko Novo Selo (L C) on March 10, and in Vladimirovac (House of Culture) on March 12. The residents of the Devojački Bunar will be invited to attend the presentation in Vladimirovac.