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Power transmission line connects Bavanište and Čibuk 1 Project

The meeting in Bavanište was organized to present the wind park Čibuk 1 Project. It attracted a large number of residents who got a lot of information and answers to a series of questions dealing with the road routes, the acquisition of land, contracts and compensations. This meeting for the first time dealt with the issue of power transmission line as an important part of the Čibuk 1 Project which will be built in the close vicinity of the village. However, the residents of Bavanište during its construction will see only installation of power transmission line towers, while other rough terrain works will be so far away from the village that they will not be visible. On the other side, the expected benefits of the project, like roads which will remain in the public property, the percentage of profit flowing into the Kovin municipality’ budget and other gains, will mark connection of this local community and the Čibuk 1 Project with CWS in the same way as with other local communities.   

During the meeting with the residents of Bavanište, as it was at the previous two meetings held at Dolovo and Mramorak, the Continental Wind Serbia representatives offered a great number of information about the development of the wind park Čibuk 1 Project, about all aspects of the environmental impact and about the mechanisms for suggestions, complaints and compensations of the planned or unplanned damages. What differs Bavanište from other communities is the power transmission line which will be built during wind park construction. The residents will see only erection of 13 of 33 power transmission line towers. They will be located outside the village and while their construction no any heavy machinery or transport will be used. Also, the towers require much less land for erection then the wind towers.

On the other side, as it was with erecting of wind towers so the construction of power transmission line towers involves the acquisition of plots of land. Therefore one of questions asked at the meeting was whether all landowners were informed where the towers will be located. In view of the fact that CWS have signed contracts with all owners of lands which will be acquired for these works, the answer was definitely positive. There was also a question of the future compensation for damages and one of owners, who has about 10 hectares of land, asked how the compensation will be calculated. In accord with the applied practice, it will be calculated on the basis of the market price of three main cultures in the period of previous three years, and this compensation will be calculated so as to cover the entire period of construction. What is specific for this part of work is that power transmission line towers don’t require much space as it is the case with wind towers. They actually occupy about 120 up to 200 m2. This means that land cultivation will not be possible only on these small plots. For the time being, in 2015, farmers can continue to work freely because the start of construction is expected in the spring next year, about which they will be informed in due time.

As it was said at all previous meetings with the residents of villages in the vicinity of the future wind park Čibuk 1, the road routes will remain the public property, which made an important part of discussion. The fact is that the road leading from Bavanište to Vršac will considerably reduce travel, because there will not be any need to travel via Pančevo. As regards construction of power transmission towers in Bavanište , there were questions related to its voltage and other technical aspects. This was the opportunity to look into the future, so the citizens were informed that in the period of 20-25 years of operational life of wind park the municipality budget can be well-off with € seven million on the basis of 2% profit of its work.