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Public presentation in Kovin- The first wind turbines in September, 2016

The public presentation of the wind park project construction held in the Municipality of Kovin passed in a constructive exchange of information between the CWS representatives and the residents. In QA part, the majority of present residents expressed interest for technical details. Many were interested to know who was chosen as the contractor, which materials would be used for roads and whether these materials would be acquired from local resources. The representatives of transport and logistics cluster of Vojvodina were interested how wind generators will be transported to Pančevo.  Some asked if this was the first wind park in Serbia. The dialogue between CWS and WEBG representatives and the residents of Kovin continued also during film projection of the “Giants from Dobrudja”. At the meeting a good cooperation between local management and CWS won recognition.

The presentation at Kovin, as well as at the previous ones held in Mramorak, Dolovo and Bavanište, discussed several issues: the potential environmental and social changes that might occur during construction of the wind park Čibuk 1, the plan of construction and operation of wind mills, the power transmission line and the access roads. The interested residents were also informed about the complaint mechanism available to each landowner included into the project, so that everyone learned how to protect and receive compensation for possible damage.

Ivan Bušev provided details on the wind park construction and all technical details about towers, power transmission line and the access roads. He used this opportunity to present the time framework of the wind park construction. However, the planned rate of construction depends on the adoption of legal framework in the course of 2015, which is connected the construction of wind park. If adopted, the construction of wind mill Čibuk 1 would begin in March, 2016. It is planned to complete construction of roads, the foundations for turbines and to lay cables in the period March –September. In September 2016, the first wind turbines could be amounted, while the power transmission line would be completed by November. All works would run parallel and follow the schedule in conform to timetable. The completion of work on construction of wind park and start of its operation would be realized in the period December 2016 – mid-summer 2017. The life span of a wind park is 25 years after which it can be either “renovated“ and continue with operating or dismounted.

Slobodan Perović presented estimations and possible environmental impacts during construction and wind park operation. He explained that all estimates had been carried out in conformity with all national and international standards of good practice, and even goes beyond the basic harmonization with the law. The residents got information what could be regarded as a harmful effect on the environment (too loud noise during construction, the change of landscape), and what measures would be undertaken to reduce all possible negative impact to minimum.

The mechanism for questions, suggestions and complaints was presented in the third part of this presentation. Aleksandar Anđić pointed out that CWS and WEBG would receive and examine all questions and would act so as to make a speedy estimation of possible damages and thus enable a quick reimbursement.  He also presented a registration form to be filled out by landowners who report damage or had a complaint or objection. The methods of compensation for the temporary occupied land during construction of wind park were also explained.

In discussion that followed the special interest was expressed for the business aspects of wind park construction. This was the opportunity to remind citizens once again that large projects of this type which open new jobs and employ local firms significantly improve the economy in the area where they are being built and in which they will operate next 20 to 25 years.