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At Presentation of the Wind Farm Construction in Dolovo: we hope there will be jobs for us

The next day after meeting with the residents of Mramorak, the WEBG representatives held the presentation of the Cibuk Wind Farm in Dolovo. More than fifty inhabitants of this community were informed about immediate plans, phases and aspects of construction in the current and the next year. In discussion which was open after presentation, two themes were dominant. One dealt with conditions for the land cultivation during the wind farm construction. The other was about possibility of getting jobs and engagement of local workers during the wind farm construction, so that the largest part of discussion was dedicated to these issues.

The residents of Dolovo were informed that all documentation connected with the construction and operation of the wind farm, now named Tesla Project, was completed, the guarantee endorsed and everything is ready to start with the construction works. Now only remains to wait for adoption of the bill i.e. decision on feed-in tariff, which is now on the Ministry of Energy to bring, so it is expected that decision will soon be brought and enter into force. This means, as the WEBG representative in charge of technical aspect of construction, Mr. Slobodan Perovic said, that preliminary works would start in April, while the construction itself would begin in September, after removal of crops from the land which is planned for construction works. He pointed out that all other aspects of the project are the same – the wind farm would have 57 turbines whose locations remained the same, 85 underground cables, 60 km access roads including field lanes and 11 km of high-voltage transmission line. Mr. Perovic reminded that all roads from the moment of construction would become the property of the Kovin Municipality and will be used as public roads. 

For access to the site and for later operation of the wind farm, some parts of already existing roads will be reconstructed and some new will be built, including the net of widened field lanes which will serve not only for passages through wind farm but will also facilitate the agricultural works.

The presentation in Dolovo also showed the impact on environment which was analyzed in detail and presented in a study under the same name, obtainable in the local communities and on the site The project of wind farm takes into consideration the natural and social environment, especially of the Deliblato Sands, as was pointed out in information connected with the incoming start of construction.

At the presentation held in Dolovo its residents were introduced with all construction phases. As regards transport, in view of the fact that it will include about 600 trucks of which some are very heavy, it is designed so as to avoid as much as possible the impact on places with larger population. Dolovo is not on the transport route for large parts of turbines. However, such transport will be organized during night from 01:00h to 05:00h. The residents of Dolovo could along with information by the WEBG representative get the full picture about the above mentioned transport route, about construction of foundation for turbines and the erection of their parts by big cranes with capacity of 650 tons by watching a collection of slides and photos.

The WEBG representative in charge of relations and communication with the local community, Mr. Aleksandar Adjic, informed the residents of Dolovo about procedures that should be followed when submitting proposals, suggestions or complains and about mechanisms for damage compensation if it is caused during construction. All present residents could get the printed form for suggestions or complains and learn how and where to submit them. As Mr. Andjic pointed out, the WEBG will reply to all objections, suggestions or complains either in written form or in direct contact with the applicant.

In this part of presentation all present were informed about the procedure that should be followed when submitting request for compensation for damage caused by construction of the wind farm. Compensations are foreseen for those land lots which wouldn’t be possible to be cultivated during construction works and such compensations would cover the whole period of such condition. Land wouldn’t be possible to cultivate on the places where cables would be laid, or the access roads constructed as well as on the land lots which their former owners had sold to the WEBG and on which turbines will be erected. However, on the land lots where field lanes will be broaden and high-voltage transmission lines set, the agricultural works will be possible except on the parts where construction will take place, said Mr. Andjic. He also added some details in connection with construction of the high-voltage transmission line. The present residents also were informed about the amount of compensations to be paid during construction.

In the part open for questions and concerns of citizens, like in Mramorak so also in Dolovo, the present residents were mostly interested whether they could cultivate land this year. The answer was positive, with explanation that the beginning of construction would be as expected in September and that it would be possible to delay harvest for 10 to 15 days if necessary. Asked if the plot of lands will be “cut” Mr. Andjic answered that a surveyor will be on the terrain and that area for construction will be clearly marked.

The residents of Dolovo were especially interested for the possibility of employment of local workers and local firms. They were informed that the priority during employment will have local inhabitants and the producers from the municipalities of Pancevo and Kovin. As regards qualifications, there would sure be necessary to employ locksmiths, mechanics, electricians and similar professions, but also the security staff. Also, it was suggested to the residents of Dolovo to start considering the future daily needs of 400 – 500 workers on the site, because such a large number of employees will certainly gravitate to Dolovo. In any case, there will be large-scale works on the site, as is a 60-km road net, which in this region had never been before constructed at the same time.