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The 2nd round of Open Doors held prior to beginning of the Cibuk 1 Windfarm construction

At the end of July the 2nd round of Open Doors was held in Mramorak, Dolovo, Vladimirovac and Bavanište.  It was attended by the residents who wanted to get more information about the windfarm construction. The meeting was presided by the representatives of the Wind Energy Belgrade Group (WEBG), Messrs. Aleksandar Anđić and Slobodan Sarajlija, and the representatives of the construction company which represents the General Electric Co. The citizens who attended the meeting were mostly interested to learn more about construction of the main transport road, the future jobs available for the local people and also about compensations for damages caused during the previous works at the Čibuk 1 Wind farm.

The first advertisement for jobs vacancy will list the most demanded workforce. The list will be composed by the Wind Energy Belgrade Group in agreement with the Constructor’s estimation of the necessary jobs and relevant qualifications for them. For some jobs it will be probably necessary to organize special training which will be paid from the budget earmarked for this purpose. All new employed workers will be registered according to the Labor Law and other relevant regulations.

The representative of the Constructor already announced that the priority of the company was to employ qualified electricians who would work on the construction of substation and later, if necessary, would be moved to work on the SCADA system used to control the operation of windmills. Some jobs will be open for work in the civil engineering sector and some for manual labor.

If the candidate is qualified to perform several jobs the WEBG will consider, after completion of its first work, a possibility to move such a worker to another free job. This possibility was especially interesting to the residents of Mramorak, as they will have priority in getting jobs before other residents from neighboring places.

The works on the main transport road are already under way and their end and the road opening is expected at the end of September. This road is important for trucks which will transfer the parts of windmills to the lots where they will be erected. The road is also important for the residents because its construction will enable them to reach their fields on time to complete necessary fall works. The summer harvest is going on without problems. The residents reach their fields using the gravel-covered provisional accessing roads. These roads are also used by the machinery currently building the main transport road.

The main transport road will be 18.6 km long and 4.5m wide. The road load capacity is 12 tons per axis and the driving speed of 60 km/h will be permitted upon obtaining the use license.  This transport road is important also for all residents from the places around the windfarm because it will considerably save time to reach the neighboring places and also their lands. The road will have a slight 30cm-long slopes on the both sides which serve for the purpose of drainage but also facilitate the direct access of the agricultural-machines from the road to fields. The road is constructed on the basis of documentation officially delivered by the Kovin Municipality Real Estate Registry and it represents the official document.

Possible damages to crops on the private lots during construction of the main road as well as during other works on the windfarm construction will be estimated in the shortest possible time or at latest upon the end of works. The land surveyor will examine the land together with an independent court expert and they will estimate the degree of damage and, if they decide that the claim for compensation is justified, they will decide on the reimbursement to be paid by the WEBG i.e. the Constructor. The land surveyor will also verify if the damage in question is made on the private lot and, if so, the devastation of crop will be reimbursed and the land restored to its original condition. If verification shows that the damage to the crop is made on the road route according the official land register, the reimbursement will be considered unjustified and therefore dejected.   

All temporarily deposited earth on the parcels during construction works will be removed to the previously allocated depots. Being not the fertile soil, it will be later used for covering holes on dust roads or covering smaller dumps. All will be done in the agreement with the Municipal Community and the Local Office. In the case that damages are made on fertile land i.e. humus, such land will be restored to its original state by fresh deposits of humus.

The residents who sold their lots to the WEBG for construction of windmills and are entitled to use the parts of these lots, from the last September haven’t been using them for any agricultural works. Such agreement was necessary because of the construction process and the security procedures required in the construction period.

The residents were once more informed that at each Local Community has at disposal the Forms to register damages, which is the official document for damage claims.  These forms are available also on the terrain, at the Constructor’s Basic Camp.