Corporate Social Responsibility

As a part of Social Investment Plan and Corporate Social Responsibility throughout the years, the WEBG supported activities connected with smaller projects like improvement of infrastructure, upgrading education and sport programs, supporting vulnerable groups (elder population, persons with special needs, youth and children), activities to preserve environment, local traditions and customs, to promote the European values, the respect of law, transparency and battle against discrimination. Majority of projects were realized through the Local Communities of Mramorak, Dolovo, Vladimirovac and Bavaniste.

WEBG has so far been supported almost 100 projects and local initiatives of which more than 20 were related to Health, Wellbeing and Sports. Company aided 3 projects regarding elderly care and helped more than 7 sports organizations and health institutions.

Total of 32 infrastructural projects in 4 different local communities were carried out, 2 school classrooms were reconstructed, 3 playgrounds and 5 sports facilities were built.

Since children are unique in their physical, social, and emotional development, WEBG has devoted around 20 donations to children and youth and their education.

WEBG continually encourages projects related to preservation of culture and national heritage as well as women empowerment. In this segment total of 17 projects were carried through.

The list of SIP/CSR Projects for 2019:

  • Elementary school “Prvi maj”, Vladimirovac – donation for local festival Martisor in the amount 30,000 RSD
  • Volunteer Fire Association, Mramorak – donation for equipment in the amount 290.133,60 RSD
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, H- Bridges team, Belgrade - sponsorship for the participation in an International Future Energy Challenge Competition in the amount 3,600 EUR
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade – sponsorship for publishing a book on Wind Power Plants “Vjetroelektrane” in the amount 2,000 EUR
  • Local community of Dolovo – donation for the repair 4.2 km of local road amount
  • Women's Association “Vredne ruke Banata" – donation for the organization of Autumn festival in the amount of 10,000 RSD
  • Serbian Philanthropic Forum/Fund 92 – donation for school equipment for children with special needs in the amount of 4,500 EUR

Annual SIP reports for all previous years.

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